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From Russia with Love…

By Leslie Robins

During the month of August I spent time discovering Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Russia. A very interesting journey. The three Scandinavian cities are amongst the most expensive in the world. $12 for a cold beer can wear a bit thin!!! As is the case with all my travels, the best part is coming home to our beloved Australia. Without doubt the best place to live in the world.

In my absence the market remained ‘steady as she goes’. We are the only local agent making any significant sales. A policy of honesty and genuine service to our owners will always be the hallmark of this business. Certainly it has been a tough time for some of our owners. However, provided we do our best to secure the highest current market value, then our owners are informed of the realities of the market and can make an informed decision on what action to take. There are plenty of buyers in the market. Understandably they know that it is a buyer’s market. They know they have an opportunity to negotiate prices. But this is nothing new and it is simply market forces at work. As I repeatedly point out selling and buying in the same market has few downsides. Recent increases in stamp duty on real estate transactions certainly do not help. Interest rate stability with many predicting a fall in rates is certainly a bonus. Until next time…..

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